Soft goods that go hard

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Made for the sex positive modern world.

Developed and designed to work for your body, and fit your style - not the other way around. What you use in the bedroom should be inclusive, un-intimidating and fun.

Our harness looks and acts differently from any other on the market.

Most adjustable harnesses consist of many straps, connected to each other via adjustable hardware. Like underwear, each product rests on a wearer’s hips at a prescribed rise. Securing sex toys to a harness requires the exchange of different size o-rings. These are sometimes supplied, but often need to be sourced as a separate purchase.

The Rope Harness consists of a single length of rope. It dynamically tightens to fit a wearer with only one adjustment point at the waist. Slack flows between legs and waist via one fixed connection.

There is no adjustable hardware for fitting – one simply pulls it as tight or loose as desired, much like tying an apron. It is capable of resting at different waist rises and accommodating most body types. Similarly, there is a single adjustment to accommodate sex toys of all sizes and bases.

For those who are discreet, The Rope Harness is innocuous enough to hang from a coat rack.

Our goal with the Rope Harness is to create space for all people – regardless of their body type, sexual orientation, or experience level – to enjoy sexual experimentation.